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Services & Solutions

An information system failure rapidly drives to underestimated impacts in terms of time, financial costs and reputation.

Many companies pay more and more attention to IT risk management as it is seen as a fundamental driving force to support Business in the digital ecosystem.

imrim can provide the necessary guidance to design an adequate and tailored security framework to face threats and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our tailored-made security framework intends to help executives gain the required visibility to take smart decisions and drive the right balance between business improvements, cost optimization, and risk management.

Based on four pillars of expertise, we help companies define their risk exposure, measure the organization’s actual security posture and establish an information security program that integrates security data analytics in the context of threat detection and communication to improve the risk culture across the organization.

Governance, risk and compliance

Between addressing compliance requirements, creating a cyber-attack response plan,  or making sure your personal data is well protected, an understanding of the risk exposure is a critical pre-requisite to set up a robust and actionable security plan. Thus, by applying demonstrated risk governance practices, organizations will ensure that risks are understood, managed, and communicated.

Based on established standards and industry best practices, imrim consultants can provide the required guidance when establishing an actionable security plan across the organization and defining key indicator metrics to measure the security plan’s efficiency.

Our risk management model is based on a 360° vision of your organization and on a balance between asset value, real attack vectors and the actions to reduce the risk. Our approach is repeatable and appropriate for a defined perimeter, a department or the whole organization.

imrim compliance assessment and analysis services will allow your organization to discover gaps in policies and procedures.

From where you are to where you want to go, our consultant will assist you to focus on correcting compliance issues by building a road map to enhance your compliancy status with standards, privacy and regulations.

Committed to ensure that the risk management process is effectively conducted across the three tiers of an organization, mission/business processes, and information systems:

  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Compliance audit and gap analysis
  • Data Privacy design and compliance monitoring
  • Cyber risk gap analysis
  • Cyber-attack incident response
  • Security policy
  • Incident management policy
  • Data classification
  • BCP auditing
  • ISMS guidance
  • Cloud architecture strategy

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Threat analytics and control evaluation

Organizations need to strengthen their cyber risk posture by putting security measures into the context of asset criticality, vulnerability exploitability and business impact.

Imrim’s approach is based on specific and complementary assessments to provide significant security insights on the control efficiency to face new attacks.

By delivering pragmatic, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment imrim’ ethical hackers and security experts provide the visibility on potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited and the recommendations to implement a remediation strategy.

Through our red teaming capabilities, imrim supports the customer in assessing its cyber-readiness. Our red teaming capabilities can be extended to real cyber-attack response operations to isolate malware and coordinate the restoration of a compromised environment.

Our Threat analytics and control evaluation pillars contains the following main services

  • Penetration testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Web application testing
  • Cloud services testing
  • Wi-Fi testing
  • Social engineering
  • Security audits
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Continuous vulnerability monitoring
  • Cyber-incident response
  • Forensic investigation

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IT Security Solutions and services

Regulatory compliance requirements as well as cyber-attacks are increasing in both frequency and organizational impacts. This new ecosystem conducts IT organizations to drive multiple challenges simultaneously: maintain defense, monitor information system health, execute daily operations, detect anomalies, and react consistently when breaches appear.

Today, information security initiatives are not seen as an absolute guarantee against being the next victim of security breaches or cyber-attacks anymore but are rather seen as requirements to be able to detect and manage breaches when they occur.

Our experts help organizations to operationalize risk management by consolidating the security data into real time visibility, early detection and intelligent remediation flow. We believe this provides the continuous visibility and critical context to protect an organization’s information system.

Whether an organization is challenged with looking for more security efficiency, compliance reporting, hunting for new threats, imrim’s experts understand the context and will design the customized dashboard including consistent and actionable indicators.

To drive operational efficiency, we can leverage key security solutions:

  • Data leakage prevention solution
  • Deception grid solution
  • Identity access governance and intelligence
  • Data analytics platform
  • Vulnerability and compliance solution
  • Intelligent security dashboard
  • Premium care services

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Security Culture

imrim has developed a holistic security awareness program designed to meet organization’s security culture goals. By empowering the role of each employee with vigilant practices, companies will face the threat landscape by being prepared to mitigate possible breaches. Trainings developed by imrim are tailored to fit audience challenges.

The following initiatives enable key behaviours:

  • Employee security awareness
  • Table top exercise
  • Executive cyber security briefing
  • Phishing campaign
  • Cyber threat readiness training
  • Live hacking demo
  • Developers’ security awareness
  • Risk analysis guidance

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