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The current threat landscape, cloud consumption strategies and the growing complexity of compliance requirements lead to the need for new information protection strategies.

Regardless of their size and purpose, an increasing number of organizations are paying close attention to information security, privacy, digital monitoring as well as forensics.

As a result, information risk measurement and cyber security preparedness are being considered as key aspects when conducting business in a secure manner.

Who we are

imrim, as your trusted information security partner, provides practical advisory and intelligent solutions to design and operate an appropriate information risk management framework.

Since 2010, we help organisations enhance their security maturity.

About us

Building together sufficient risk response measures
To adequately protect your business functions

What we offer

imrim brings together mission-critical expertise in information security and valuable ITSec solutions to serve organization with visibility and controls ensuring a hierarchized defense of information.

We provide customers with advisory services as well as robust and sustainable solutions that meet recognized industry standards. They provide executives with visibility to make smart decisions to manage their operations and mitigate IT risks.

Why imrim

Imrim offers six key differentiators:
  1. Individual commitment to excellence
  2. Pragmatic touch
  3. Guidance capabilities from Information security strategy to integration or operations
  4. Intelligent risk analysis
  5. Partner ecosystem with high certification level
  6. Tailored-made solutions

The common foundations of our 4 pillars are based on actionable dashboards that measure and communicate on security controls effectiveness and risk-readiness maturity.

Our approach

Strategic services

  1. Manage IT risk
  2. Demonstrate compliance
  3. Assess security posture
  4. Monitor, control and defend the IS ecosystem
  5. Enhance security culture within the organisation

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